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Thanksgiving@Wheelie's: A holiday update!

NOV 25 @ 01:39

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey, Y'all---
Seeing as how it's the holidays, I thought a new update was in order. First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends over here on JOC...hope y'all are having  fun being a little greedy on the food like I did. There is a lot to tell y'all and I guess I will start with Thanksgiving dinner. Eventhough things went a little bit wrong for me, my contributions to the Thanksgiving meal were impressive. Instead of doing desserts like usual, I revved up my game today. I went from barely skimming Food Revolution to cooking three dishes from it! For Thanksgiving,  I made Perfect Roast Beef, Baked Carrots in a Bag and Braised Bacon Cabbage. I started to make the Baby Potatoes and the Gravybfrom the book but I ran outta time and space.  Then as now, my mother complained about me cooking.  I can't  win with her! She couldn't let me have my victory five minutes before she told me "You should test out your recipes before using them on people" .  I rarely cook as it is only to get accused to being too fancy. I'm thinking "really? How?" the recipes weren't that hard to begin with.

After defending my right to contribute to the meal, things settled down. Per our holiday usual, we debating loudly as we ate hearty. ( I'm contemplating whether or not to go have another of candy bar cake right now). Before my aunt Diane left, she was asking what I wanted for Christmas. I'm too frazzled about my TV being broke for 3 months and DVR I have to replace to worry about Christmas. I just bought a new one, now I'm holding out for the right TV. Hopefully, I'll see something cyber Monday. I need to get my mind off of all the electronics I want to buy. Hmm...ok, school!

I finally broke my courseroom hot streak. After back to back 100's on my discussion posts, last week I got a 100 and an 80! I know an 80 is still B according to the school's grading scale but I'm still a little disappointed. What happened was that I got stumped drafting a section of the course project. The finalized version is due Sunday along with drafts of the next section in my Unit 7 but I'm gonna see how much of that I can knock out today. I want  to start work on the paper part of the project tonight or Saturday , so I'll see if I can get Dragon working to help me out the typing. I cannot believe I am finished with this retake in 3 weeks! Wow, this quarter went by quick! Now, I just have to keep it together to finish strong. Speaking of keeping things together,  I had a hard time taking that career exploration seminar while dealing with the course project. So, I will work to finish the project earlier so I have nothing but my two seminars at the end. They aren't required or graded and they are free...still I think it is good to get them.

In gardening news, here is how all the plants are doing:


*Italian Dandelion
Swiss Chard
Mustard Greens(may need replanting)
*Lettuce Blend
* Lettuce Duo( needs replanting)
(All plants except Lettuce Duo are growing; Lettuce Duo has been restarted in the black unit due to overgrowth)

Silver- New Trellis System Added

*Baby Eggplant
Cherry Tomatoes
Mini Bell Peppers:
(All are growing well except for Cherry Tomatoes which are a replant)


Chives (Replanted)
Dill(Growing Well)


*Chervil (Replanted)
(Sweet) Basil (Replant needed)
* Peppermint (Just Planted)


(Curly) Parsley
(Oregano,Parsley& Cilantro are all growing well)


*Temptation (Replanted)
Alpine Mignonette(Sprouting)
*Safflower(Replanted and moved to orange unit)


*Black Palm Tree Cabbage(supposedly a Kale-Cabbage hybrid,)
*Pak Choi

(Pak Choi is beginning to sprout, the Black Palm Tree has been replanted)

Some greens are trying to die off in the white unit despite getting water, some pruning and replanting is probably needed. For anyone wanting an Aerogarden units, they have been having a lot of good holiday sales lately...just thought I would pass that on.

In health news, my legs and feet are painfully swollen all to heck, so I will be resuming my edema meds this week. Also, I have an appointment for an early assessment for  a new power wheelchair...reluctantly given by my doctor. Hopefully, I will be approved for a new chair that I can still navigate my house in. Also, in her examine notes my doctor suggested watching my portions (as if it's that easy). I know I'm irritated but I see that there is some merit to what she says but I cannot see myself doing that. I did at least look into how I would do that. Whether I am 350 or 400, it takes about 5,000 calories to maintain my weight. To get down to at least half my size, I would have to cut out 3,000 calories. I'm 5'7 and according to which chart I read, I should allegedly aim for 140. Even so, I think that is too sickly....so my target will be 150-160. Speaking of weight, the doctor said no to the scale so I'm getting it myself with part of next quarter's refund. I feel it is too important not to have. I see it as just a tool to monitor my health but as one for wheelchair maintenance, too. After all, the best way to keeping it running right is to stay within capacity.
Well, I had better go...I got a lot to do. So, until then keep your fingers crossed that I pass this retake.

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NOV 25 @ 14:07

by MsPablo

It's to hear about your progress in school, cooking and growing.  The meal sounds wonderful.  I hope your family enjoyed the holiday.  Good luck and keep up the good work!

NOV 25 @ 15:50

by WheelieFoodChik

@!MsPablo: Thanks. Understand that the pic is only of my contribution to the Thanksgiving meal, we actually had a lot of food:

Pork Roast
Collard Greens
Potato Salad
Sweet Potato Pie
Candy Bar Cake

And then add my dishes in, and we had a LOT of food. We did enjoy ourselves, yes.big_smile

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