Jamie Oliver

Judgement Day

NOV 28 @ 07:25

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey, Y'all---
I know I should be asleep given what today is but I  can't. The assessment for the new powerchair is in 9 hours!!!! I am terrified that I will get bad news: either I cannot get a new chair any earlier OR I will be given something I can't use because it's too big for the house. If former happens, no harm and no foul...I will still have about five months to wait. If the latter happens, I will refuse it and roll away with nothing...only coming back and trying process again AFTER I have lost weight.

Medicaid is gradually taking away more and more everyday: I already sub my meds with OTCs between refills. if I ever need another hearing aid, I pay for it and batteries too. The only way I will ever get glasses again would be to develop diabetes so that they are " medically necessary"(no worries, not going there). I'd sooner go get my prescription from my old eye doctor and buy me a prescription pair from Zenni Optical online and I wouldn't cost me an arm,leg, and custody of a future 1st born child to be named later! You know those glasses in my avatar photo? On Zenni Optical, I could've bought about 7 pairs for the amount I paid to get that one from my eye doctor. Anyway, I'm wondering what will be next.

Should I have to "roll away with nothing" at the assessment, I'm letting that wheelchair scale be the last thing I buy. I understand why my doctor would refuse to prescribe it but I should still get it. It is ridiculous for medical people to demand an accurate weight for me and then treat me like I am the problem! I can't just pull my best guess outta butt, it'll be wrong. I haven't been able to stand up for 24 years and when I could I was on crutches, so nurses getting an attitude over me not standing on a scale won't help. It is not like I'm in this chair for my own amusement. Medical folks couldn't give a crap...they will use just about anything against you to label you.

I won't roll up on my soapbox right now but I have bad feeling that I am gonna butting a lot of heads today. I plan to fight my darnedest to get a chair I can use with the features I need. Then I'm gonna go find me a company to fill the perscription that is still brave enough to do their job AND treat clients with respect!

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