Jamie Oliver

Finally finished the knitting

NOV 30 @ 13:38

by Birdymum

It only took 5 months but it is finally finished. Hand spun and knitted entirely  by me, nearly finished off all the alpaca fleece as well. But happy with the finished product. It is now on it's way to the daughter who is getting married in 4 months time as a wedding gift from me.

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NOV 30 @ 14:26

by Grandmadamada

for the courage to start from hand spinning (?) for the choice of letting it natural color for the great idea of making a wedding gift ........ the warmest abbraccio one could look for, and a very sweet home smelling thing to have in the house

bravaaa Birdysmilewave

NOV 30 @ 14:55

by MsPablo

What a lovely project.  Alpaca is my favorite wool.

DEC 01 @ 12:54

by Birdymum

Thanks Grand_Ma & Mrs P.
I enjoyed doing the project very much. I hope she will have it for many years to come.
Still have a little of the raw fleece left, might even get something out of it for myself. (but I don't think so!) lol

DEC 02 @ 11:43

by Madalina_B

What lovely gift thumbsup smilewave

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