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Creamy Acorn Squash Soup

DEC 06 @ 22:45

by ddziak

Since I posted so many chicken dinners, I think it is about time to show some other delightful dishes, which do not include any chicken (well, maybe a little, in the chicken broth that I used because I was out of vegetable broth). This soup is very simple to prepare, and super delicious to eat. I sauteed a diced white onion together with some grated fresh ginger. When everything softened, I added the bite-size pieces of acorn squash (peeled).  As liquid, I used 2 cups of chicken broth, one cup of orange juice and one cup of heavy whipping cream. After everything came to a boil, I reduced the heat to let the ingredients simmer until the squash was soft enough to mash it. After I mashed the big pieces, I pureed it with the immersion blender. For dinner, I topped the soup with homemade croutons, which I fried in some butter and sprinkled with some cinnamon. The soup kept us warm two dinner nights in a row...mmmh!

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