Jamie Oliver

Empire roast chicken

DEC 11 @ 17:27

by Captain C

Man, this was sooooo good, a great recipe !

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DEC 11 @ 17:35

by Grandmadamada

thumbsupthumbsupbig_smilewave and welcome back

DEC 12 @ 00:09

by @nGoose1

That looks a blinder, well done.
I did the mussel dish yesterday, nice but to salty. Will search for a less salty Arbroath Smokie, or poach the haddock before adding. Definatly worth getting right for next time.
It is a really good book, thats for sure.

DEC 12 @ 09:08

by minerva

Hey baby, wotcha doing on here????

The Chicken looks the kiddie.............good enough to nosh!

DEC 12 @ 18:09

by Kye

Hey Capt, missing youi around here, especially if you post beautiful dishes like thatbig_smilewave

DEC 13 @ 14:03

by MsPablo

That's a gorgeous dish Capt.  It's nice to have you back.  Don't be a stranger!

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