Jamie Oliver

Hot chocolate fondants

DEC 16 @ 10:30

by Captain C

Probably my favourite dessert ..................

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DEC 16 @ 13:24

by MsPablo

My favorite too!  Looks great!

DEC 16 @ 18:37

by Kye

Can i see a little blob of vanilla ice ceam? Looks deliciousthumbsupbig_smilewave

DEC 16 @ 22:31

by @nGoose1

Good call, I had a memorable one in Maze some time back. When Jason Atherton was in charge.
I think choc fondant could be on my to do  list.

DEC 17 @ 15:01

by Captain C

I tried it again last night shocked

I chopped some pistachios it is this time, other than texture, didnt taste any different hmm

DEC 17 @ 21:02

by mummza

that looks good Captain , I might have a go at making some myself one day , but I wil need people around to eat them as I am not that fond of chocolate !

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