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Third time' s the charm and other news

DEC 18 @ 11:16

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey y'all––
Fall quarter ended Friday, so I am finally back. Despite being slightly annoyed… I have good news.
After tangling with the course that is been a thorn in my side for a full year, I finally passed! thumbsup Although I did pass with an A, I feel a bit cheated. Apparently before submitting the final version of the final project, you had to to tell the professor what you edited before submitting it. I having a case of "see what happens when you don't read" syndrome, did not read this proviso and foolishly lost myself 10 whole pointsyikesops: sad. When I called my professor to complain, he acted as if it were no big deal but all it did was piss me off! Sure, numbers are no big deal to the average student but when you constantly have the dark cloud of academic probation hanging over you, every point counts. After averaging my grade, I figured out that I earned a 91.28 (as I may have mentioned before, 90 to 100 is an A). According to the GPA calculator, I have a 2.75 (this is around a C+) but since the course I took is a retake, F I earned from my earlier attempt gets removed. The new grade that I earned for this course will replace it, increasing my GPA to a 3.7 (okay, so it's actually 3.667… I rounded up so sue me LOL:lolsmile. Nothing to do for school now except wait for my book voucher to be e-mailed.

In gardening news, I tried planting all my problem plants into one of the bigger gardens. So far, it doesn't appear to be helping. I have had to replant two of the crops I restarted and I may have to redo the rest. Because of the way I have moved things around, I have my salad greens growing in different units. The only one I left in place was the mustard green because I did not need to replant it. One of the plants I was surprised by was my peppermint(it's the first picture in the red section) because it is doing so well. In the collage, my peppermint is three careful that all of the other plants are of varying ages. The pepper plants for example, are over two months old just like the mustard green. The tomato in the orange unit is around two weeks old. Hopefully, if they give the replanted crops a few more weeks, I will see things turn around.

In health news, I have had the at-home assessment for my new powerchair. Apparently, under normal circumstances six months ahead of schedule is too early to start the ordering process but I found a local company willing to do it. Unfortunately, because of Medicaid's rules, I may be able to get the features I want but not the brand I want. When I mentioned this choice to the equipment rep, she told me that the brand I wanted was the "Cadillac of powerchairs". Permobil' chairs allegedly start at $10,000, which is about $4000 over Medicaid's limit. So I'm getting at another Jazzy From Pride Mobility. One upside of having my current chair being discontinued is that I will never have to deal with another chair like it again. A downside of not having another chair like the one I have is now I am back to picking one body color and sticking with it. What's worse is that with the model that the equipment representative has recommended, I only get a choice of either red or blue.

The flyer she gave me does not show the chair she recommended but a different one from the same series and it has a 11 color choices (man, that emerald green would have been really nice!). How often do you ever see a green powerchair? Though truthfully, if I could have any color of chair it would be purple… And that's not because of my new digital camera, either. Or even a nice teal would work, anything that's a break away from the norm. If I'm going to be stuck with the same color for the next five years, I might as well choose a chair that has some personality to it!

I have been taking most of my meds except for my edema medication. Working on the final project for class kept me too busy to take them, though the fluid is finally coming off.  To help make sure it stays off, I bought some compression sleeves for my legs and a handheld massager. I do not want this edema getting any worse because the stories about weeping are horrible enough. Unfortunately, my eating habits have not reflected this. I have returned to processed food with a vengeance. Some things have not come back, such as fast food, white rice, or white bread. Also,  About the  wheelchair scale, I will be buying that myself. I had thought to purchase the scale in the summer but I am thinking it may be better to do it this next quarter. I think that if I wait, I will forget about it.

Another thing I definitely need to do is to put my schedule together. I have all the components here but I keep putting it off. I have been reading up on what causes weight gain and the main three things, sleeping late, not exercising, and skipping meals are things I'm guilty of. Staying in bed so much is a double-edged sword. Laying down helps my circulation which lessens my edema but it also keeps the weight on. The excuse of having no reason to get out of bed is one I need to let go of because if I look around me, there is plenty to do.

In tech news, I finally broke down and replaced my old electronics. I now have a new flatscreen TV and a new DVD recorder. I have not resumed exercise yet. I want to make sure that I have all of the cables I need to connect my electronics to the TV, once I do that I'll be back to exercising again. Also, I finally have my own digital camera… and it's better than Ma's! It is 14 megapixels and even has a setting for taking pictures of food ! You know what that means… More pictures of cooking projects, yay! wink I also completed my Harry Potter collection. Deathly Hallows Part Two was good but a bit anti-climatic. For the record, I think Neville Longbottom got cheated because he should have been the one to kill Bellatrix Lestrange… Especially since he almost did it two films back.

Another thing that I thought that was kind of messed up was the deal with the elder wand. The psycho that tried to kill Harry Potter for 15 years is gone, why not just keep the elder wand… After all, it was already Harry's fair and square. If I were him, I would've kept all three of the deathly hallows and just lock them away somewhere to be passed down later. And no I am not giving away the ending here, 'cause I hate when people do that. I noticed something else too… Harry never uses all three of the deathly hallows at the same time but then again he never had all three at the same time. It's enough to make me wonder, what will Harry do with his invisibility cloak? (Though I am four years late to the party, I am a Potter nerdlol ).

Now my mind is on Christmas… To gift or not to gift, that is the question. Technically, I have two other people to shop for but neither of them knows what she wants. I am tempted to put any of the remaining funds I pulled out of my emergency fund back into it. Besides, Christmas is a little-kid holiday anyway. I was going to go back into AVON this coming year but I may want to put that on hold a little while longer. I have not had time to flesh out my strategy the way I wanted to and until I do that, I am not jumping back in. Also, I have not worked on my resume or cover letter in ages. I think that after the holiday I should at least get my references straightened out. Since I have three weeks between quarters I think I will work on my Avon strategy and my resume… After all, when will there be a better time to do it?

Perhaps, by the time I get all this done I will have a new VR counselor(my old one left and my case was about to be closed) that actually cares about doing some real work. How did my case become so close to being closed? To keep my last VR counselor from interfering with things I stopped giving her updates and from there she assumed that no news was good news, my case was successful and therefore needed to be closed. I did let the interim VR counselor know what was going on. Maybe my case will stay open or maybe I'll have to start over but hopefully my next counselor will be better than my last.

I think I'm going to go back to bed now… bye wave

PS: I thought you all might be interested to know that I "typed" almost this entire entry at my desktop with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 11… Handy, huh?

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DEC 31 @ 16:51

by minerva

It's nice to see how up-beat you  are about so many things.........& I am glad that you are achieving so much by slow degrees. Keep trying to improve your diet as much as you can (fewer "convieniences" will help your budget & your health).

One little note............the Elder Wand???
Why would Harry Potter keep it?
Elder is a wood that is as drawn to curses as it is to good, it is also a wood that represents "a journey that has both a beginning & an end", the end had therefore been reached, & many consider it to be potentially a very "unlucky" wood depending on who has owned it previously.
Given these, would you want to keep it?

JAN 01 @ 04:21

by WheelieFoodChik

@Minerva: Thanks...I know that, it's getting that lesson through to my Ma that is the problem. About the elder wand... I did not know that! Huh, you learn something new all the time!wink

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