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Weekend food heaven

DEC 19 @ 23:40

by @nGoose1

What a time to forget the camera. Another amazing meal at River cottage, Pollock on Smoked Celeriac Chowder. With winter greens and leek. The brownie got me again!
I bought some Venison chorizo. I was dubious at the £5 plus per 100g price tag. But I tasted it tonight. Itís worth every penny. Amazing taste, the best I have had.
Next up while I was in the area I popped to Totness Food Fair. Totness is a cool place. The food fair was good. I bought Salsify, Horseradish, proper banana shallots and real Garlic. English Garlic is as good as Pyrenees Garlic, seek it out. I also bought some amazing bacon from these guys:
They may be responsible for that Chorizo at Hughes place; I know they do something on his Deli.
They also smoke mutton. I have had Macon (air dried mutton) before, it is superb. I canít wait to try their product.
I also had proper curried goat on the bone (as it should be), with rice and peas, for a fiver. fancy-that.
An amazing weekend, some great cheese was also bought. Dorset Blue Viney, Sharphams Rustic, Cornish Yarg, Norsworthy Goats Cheese.
Britain has the best larder, I am so glad I can eat from it.

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