Jamie Oliver

Crash and Burn...ugh!!!

DEC 20 @ 07:12

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey, Y'all---
I have just finished my Christmas shopping and I torpedoed what was left of my emergency fund. I have less than $100 bucks in it now. yikesops: If not for little bit I squirreled away separate, I wouldn't have anything. I guess I will have build it back up. I will give myself about...six months? Between the benefit increase, my food stamps, and my school refund in the upcoming quarter, I should be able to build it back up. Why do I always do this to myself? I didn't just buy things I wanted but things I felt I needed, too: another set of compression sleeves(arm and leg this time), bottle brush for my water bottles, and a new printer. I got myself Jamie's Meals in Minutes(b-day gift to self). The rest was me o.d.-ing Christmas presents for other folks(all over 30).

Another thing I probably shouldn't have did was take that pre-approved credit offer from OneStopPlus.com. I do need some decent-fitting clothes, though. Besides, I have been meaning to donate all my old clothes anyway.  To avoid getting myself in too much trouble, I gonna make my OSP card the last card and just keep the minimum paid on them. :thumbs up:

I will just make the fund rebuilding part of my resolution for 2012. big_smile

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