Jamie Oliver

Jerusalem on a Plate

DEC 21 @ 00:05

by @nGoose1

I watched this tonight, brilliant show.
Food bringing people together. Let’s face it, religion and politics have failed miserably in its attempts to do this.
I wish I had some photos of the amazig food, so colourfull and vibrant. Here is the write up.
Internationally-renowned chef Yotam Ottolenghi returns to his home town of Jerusalem to discover the hidden treasures of its extraordinarily rich and diverse food culture. He meets and cooks with both Arabs and Jews in restaurants and at home who draw on hundreds of years of tradition to create the dishes that define the city, and explores the flavours and recipes that have influenced his palate. From the humble street foods of hummus and falafel to the cutting edge of Jerusalem cuisine, Yotam uncovers the essence of what makes the food of Jerusalem so great.

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DEC 21 @ 08:54

by mummza

It was a very interesting show and it sunds as if there is another book being planned which will have some recipes form the show in it.
I have the book Plenty which is a vegetarian cokbook , the second book he wrote I think.
I am hoping for the first book that he wrote for Christmas (otherwise I wil buy it myself !)

Luckily I can get the spices etc that are used in the recipes fairly easily where I live . I am very lucky to ive in such a multi cultral area thumbsup

DEC 21 @ 17:12

by Grandmadamada

you both made me soooo curious, now I must check what's this aboutthumbsupwave

DEC 22 @ 16:57

by MsPablo

Wish I'd seen this show.  We went to Israel once.  I saw an outdoor food market and the produce was beautiful.

JAN 28 @ 00:23

by @nGoose1

Seriously visit his places in London, if you can.

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