Jamie Oliver

My first dish from Jamie“s great britain

DEC 22 @ 07:29

by maddimouse

Hey all,

IĀ“m signed off ill with a stomach bug (how great, just before christmas!) and IĀ“m bored to the skull so I though an update on my blog would be nice!

IĀ“ve recently cooked JamieĀ“s fish pie, the first recipy I used from his book. We totally loved it!

Sorry the photo is not that good, we just couldnĀ“t wait to start eating so it was a quick snap lol

The original plan was to try every recipy from the book at least once, but IĀ“ve already seen there are loads of dishes my OH wonĀ“t like - he does eat fish, but doesnĀ“t like seafood or meat thatĀ“s on the bone (which I like best!). So weĀ“ll have to see about that.

IĀ“ve set my eyes on two recipes I want to try next, the tomato soup and the pork roast with loads of vinegar and bay leaves.

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