Jamie Oliver

Do not eat...

DEC 22 @ 17:53

by wine~o

Found in my garden..safe to eat???
I think not..

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DEC 22 @ 17:57

by MsPablo

That's a beauty!  It makes me think of Christmas in Holland.  It's a typical motif in their pastry shops, etc. around this time of year.

DEC 22 @ 19:26

by Grandmadamada

shockedthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup too beatiful to be safe to be eaten, do not risk if you are not suresmile

DEC 22 @ 21:06

by mummza

that is a stunner , but I would not eat it.

DEC 23 @ 11:35

by Birdymum

That is one very pretty mushroom, Must be a gnome's house and you can't eat someone's house.

DEC 23 @ 14:13

by Grandmadamada

lol indeed

DEC 27 @ 18:09

by @nGoose1

Christmas in Holland, Amsterdam coffee  shops with lovely cakes. Those were the days.
I definatly would not eat a Fly Agaric. I know someone who has, not a whole one.Massive halusinogenic effects on Humans. Serious stomach Problems and a good chance of  death.
They look amazing, I read somewhere that they were used as fly traps, the net seems to comfirm this.
The juice mixed with  milk, to make the fly trap.
I guess a fly would go bonkers, prior to death,Poor fly.

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