Jamie Oliver

Fondue and Raclette IV

DEC 25 @ 06:45

by falconcy

Rosie waiting patiently for her supper.

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DEC 25 @ 10:19

by mummza

Dis you manage to scrape off ' the prize' at the base of the fondue..... that baked on well cooked cheese layer .
When we were in Geneva they used a flexible paint scraper to get off that layer which they then chopped into pieces and gave to everyone around the table.

We just had fresh bread served with the founde that day and there was  quite a group of us .
Having been told there was a prize to eat to the bottom we set about getting to it  with some determination !

DEC 25 @ 11:26

by falconcy

Yep, we used a mix of Emmental and a Mature Cheddar. The bottom layer was really delicious

We used two different artisan type breads from a local baker, a Farmer's Sourdough type and a Rye both really fresh.

DS was a bit unsure as to whether or not he would enjoy it, we managed to drag him away from his computer for well over an hour and he really enjoyed it.

DEC 25 @ 11:30

by Madalina_B

Interesting! Looks delicious! thumbsup smilewave

DEC 25 @ 13:45

by MsPablo

What's a doggy gotta do to get a scrap of fondue around here?

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