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Reflections on 2011

DEC 31 @ 09:24

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey, Y'all---
Well, the old year is waning fast and new age is upon me. That's right, as of 3 days ago...I turned 31! The jury is out on whether I should be excited about that. While I contemplate what being 31 will mean for me in 2012, I can't help but look back. The double collage you see here is all of the food projects that I have attempted from Jamie's books. I bought "Food Revolution" last fall and I gave "Meals in Minutes" to myself as a birthday present. I made a dessert from each book. The cheesecake from Food Revolution had a few minor flaws but I would make it again. The brownies from Meal in Minutes...well, let's just say as a chocolate lover...I ought to have been taken out and shot! Yes, y'all...it actually trumped the blue velvet cake from '09, they were that bad! My "see what happens when you don't read" syndrome was flaring up badly that day!lol The culinary crimes I could be charged with: Illegal dumping (substituted Frozen fruit for dried in the brownies), dental endangerment(added whole almonds to brownie batter without chopping them). Excessive juicing(too much lemon in the cheesecake), two counts of butter neglect(didn't let it soften enough or melt or mix it in well where needed).

The gardens are still doing well, except for the replanted stuff and the oegano bit the the dust 'cause I got slack on the watering. I'll do the replants tommorow... a nice fresh start for 2012! I'll also harvest where I can and do some drying, I think I will do grow solution and clean water for alternate feedings in the new year. Also, now that I have a new printer...yay, about dang time!big_smile I can print out grow schedules and plant stats that don't fit on label...help me to track who is how old, when they need pruning, and all.

Healthwise, I made some good strides but I have fallen off. I am wearing my leg compression sleeves more(8-9 hours should be my max). Tomorrow, I am doing pill plus sleeves and massager just before bed...see if that help work that fluid out and back to my Wii Workouts again. I'm gonna try a new approach: Movement plus comprssion with gradual healthy food changes. I will try measuring portions, too....give myself a week or two. If it takes, stick with it and if not restrategize.

Financially, now that I have two credit cards, I will have to be careful to not go overboard with them. I all but maxed out my OneStopPlus.com card today. For that, I'm not touching that card again until I have diligently made 4 payments. My Capital One Journey, needs recovery time, too. I will get my regular Medicaid meds when my OTC version runs out because it is cheaper. I use OTCs to hold me over between refills. Another thing, about the new printer...it has software from coupons.com already built in! Ma still balks at the idea of using coupons and turns around and whines about how high everything is. Ah, forget her...I still say every little bit helps. I believe in that so much that there is a new bill on the books trying to get through congress called the Able act that would allow disabled people to save money tax-free for major purchases without their benefits being in danger. I could save up for a car! I could save up a security deposit and maybe 1st and last month's rent on an apartment! If it passed, it could free me...finally. To help ensure that it passes, I wrote both of my representatives in congress. I hope it passes because so many need it. In regards to AVON, I don't know where I stand on AVON except to say...I am pushing my relaunch way back. I need to rebuild my emergency fund and the cards need to be paid. Delaying the relaunch is about protecting my education too.

Educationally, I was a phoenix rising from the ashes! Which is odd since I go to Capella...;l. Seriously, I went from failing spring quarter with a 1.75 GPA(a D) to passing summer and fall quarters with a current GPA of 3.667(a B+). The school does offer a program where you can earn your Bachelors and Masters at the same time but I am debating whether to do it. A discount on courses in exchange for more work? I think I need to give it more time, iron on the wrinkles on at least one shirt before I tackle a whole basket, so to speak. My major hangup has been the course project whether I take one course or two. My remedy: Start it earlier, build it in to the school routine from the very first day. If I do this, I'll will have nothing but feedback to give and revisions to do. I'm gonna try this for two quarters, do some research on my career options, and look at the degree piggyback option later.

I'm gonna get goin' but I'll leave with my Facebook status: As we go into the New Year remember folks, for all we know the Apocalypse could be just as big a crock as Y2K so...stop worryin' ! Live whatever rebooted "normal" you have mapped out for yourself in your resolutions, dare to let your hopes GROW and your regrets & sorrows GO! Happy New Year, Everyone!wave

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DEC 31 @ 15:55

by minerva

At 31........a mere chicken, not a chicken yet, love.
Double it, & you will yet be young if your head tells you it is so.

Happy Birthday & A Fulfilling New Year

JAN 01 @ 04:17

by WheelieFoodChik

@Minerva: Thanks and Happy New Year!big_smile

JAN 01 @ 14:53

by MsPablo

Happy New Year Candice!  I wish all good things for you!  I laughed about the culinary crimes.  You aren't alone in that!

JAN 02 @ 09:04

by WheelieFoodChik

@MsPablo: Happy New Year, MsP! Hope 2012 goes great for you too! thumbsup I messed up some kinda bad on those desserts. I do hate that the first cheesecake my Aunt Di tries in years and the first I have ever made from scratch had to be an "over-citrused" disc of cream cheese and heavy cream on a bed of crumbly, dry graham cracker and oatmeal "sawdust".glued together with solid butter sad Most of my family LOVES cheesecake and I have eaten enough cheesecakes in my lifetime thus far to know a good one from a bad one. Same deal with the brownies...I know my good brownies from my bad, even if I have never attempted to make them from scratch before.  At least I am in good company on the culinary "cellblock"! lol

JAN 02 @ 21:08

by WheelieFoodChik

@MsPablo: LOL! Boo! Just for that, I'd burn his food for a week...on purpose!wink

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