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Chocoholics anon Happy new year

JAN 01 @ 16:37

by @nGoose1

Need a Chocolate fix, try Willie Hardcourt  Cooze’s Gooey chocolate desert.
Be warned it’s full on!
I made it for todays desert, yummy yummy!
w ww.willieschocolateshop.com
His story is amazing, I am reading his book. The products are quality.

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JAN 01 @ 20:33

by mummza

Is this the chocolate I have seen sold in Waitose ?
I have not paid it much attention as I am not that fond of chocolate but I  remember the cylindrical shape and gold foil .

JAN 07 @ 17:29

by @nGoose1

Waitrose, Selfridges, and many more.
Jamie’s a fan; he is pictured with Willie in Jamie Mag, at a music festival, advertising legal highs (chilli and chocolate).
Try using it as an ingredient rather than a sweet thing. Amazing hot chocolate with chilli on a cold morning.
Willies story is a good one, he is an interesting person. I have read the first book of two, it’s worth reading.

OCT 24 @ 14:55

by @nGoose1

I made a superb mousse with it. Whiped Egg Whites ,Whiped Cream, sugar. Simple, superb.

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