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Nespresso Lattissima

JAN 04 @ 17:48

by MarielH

Just bought one of these machines in John Lewis sale - anyone have one?

Have a few questions -
Do you have to always use Nespresso capsules?
Do you always have to add water to tank or not at all necessary when making lattes? 

Sure will get hang of it but just arrived!!smile

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JAN 04 @ 17:58

by Kye

Hi Muriel, no i don't have one but perhaps this video + instrctions may help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzE0hYid-WY

JAN 05 @ 16:37

by juliaclayman

You have to use the capsules from Nespresso. You can buy them directly from Nespresso.com by joining their club, they make it pretty easy. They have other companies that provide re-usable capsules (I believe the name is NexPods), but I never get involved with those... not worth the risk, plus Nespresso provides good quality capsules anyway smile Hope this helps...


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