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:( School is starting soon!

JAN 08 @ 17:05

by RebeccaBourhill

I am not looking forward to the year coming! I have had a very hard year last year and I have no friends to sit with at break!
I am trying to hold myself up high and keep myself strong!
I know this year will be a hard one and very emotional rolercoaster!

I would like to thank everyone on this sight for making it what it is! Whenever I can and I feel sad I alway come on here and feel a sence of relief! It has helped me so much and I am very thankful in that way!

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JAN 08 @ 23:49

by MsPablo

Rebecca, I hope you can stay the course and pursue your passion.  It's not easy in any profession.  The hard parts are often things no one prepares us for, so don't feel bad or alone if that is the case.  Keep strong and look for the path to fulfill your passions.  That is the key.  I wish you all the best and hope you are ok.

JAN 09 @ 05:51

by RebeccaBourhill

I am fine thanx! Thank You for those words of strength!!

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