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JAN 11 @ 15:02

by sagraincasa

It takes two wheelbarrows full of wood a day to warm up (or try to warm up) the ground floor of our house in the hills, but what  worries us is the fact that at the moment here in Umbria it is not even really cold yet!!

No, surely there is something wrong with our house.evil So , earlier this week we decided to look into the possibility of replacing one of our fireplaces with a SMART Thermal fireplace. Although we  still consider ourselves to be relatively young (I will be soon 40 years old and Nick is 46 years old…. still kids… I would say!), anyway ,despite our young age we have started to feel the first aches and pains in our bodies and  with them , the first physical changes typical of the local people here. It is not a joke, country life yes can be so beautiful, but my dear friends, the reality is that this  natural way of  life can slowly transform you. Looking around the situation of the inhabitants of this small village in Umbria it’s easy to see the difference between those who live within the village and those who are more isolated in the countryside (like us). The latter wear a minimum of three layers of sweaters, the skin is altered by temperature changes (rosaceous) and finally the posture: the body begins to enclose like a hedgehog as a defense against the cold. MAMMA MIA I already have all three of these features and all this after only 11 years of  country living, can you imagine how I will be transformed after ten more years !!!!!!!!???????help

A solution must be found, first of all  I will hide  Nick’s  passport , just in case one morning he wakes up and decides to escape  back to London without the Yeti wife , I will also have to push for the new Thermal fireplace and last and not least I’ll continue to delight him with  good food. That is my plan, but for now I`d better go and put on the thermal underwear, fill the hot water bottle (all sent by my mother-in-law) add gloves and a scarf …………… just for indoors.  shocked             Ciaowave
Simona from Umbria www.sagraincasa.com

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JAN 13 @ 14:32

by Grandmadamada

when you think winter is over that's the time I start feeling cold and combat with vin brulé

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