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JAN 14 @ 18:04

by Toby Shea

It has been a while since my last blog, last year was manic!!

June / July
I was asked with a few weeks’ notice to put on Ready Steady Q, Kids Q and PitMasters on at the Big Feastival which was a huge success. Although the teams were filmed with JO we obviously ended up on the cutting room floor, but to be honest had such a great time it didn’t matter.

Two weeks after that we had our PitMasters series accumulator.

We had our national final at Rudgwick Steam and Country show to see who would go forward and represent the UK at the Jack Daniels Invitational, Lynchburg Tennessee in October. Congratulations to John Hargate of BBQ Shack, Brighton, who took series title.

So a trip to the Jack Daniels distillery was added to the calendar to show support and strengthen our relationship with the most prestigious BBQ competition in the world, I know it’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

So that I can expand into Europe I started the International BBQ Network, the British BBQ Society will continue in the form of its forum which is full of cracking BBQ orientated information.

So what is in the pipeline for 2012? This will be our busiest year ever. I wish all of our competitors the best of luck and will remember to keep you all posted of any updates! I have no doubt that more will be added but here is a current list of competitions taking place.

Date                                26th & 27th May 2012
Host                            British BBQ Society
Location                           Society HQ, Tongham, Surrey, UK
Competition Name         Mayhem in May
Competition Type    PitMasters

Date                                4th June 2012
Host            Surrey County Show                 
Location                           Guildford, Surrey, UK
Competition Name         Surrey County Show
Competition Type    Ready Steady Q & Kids Q

Date            23rd  June 2012         
Host            www.TheBigBBQ.co.uk
Location        Essex
Competition Name    The Big BBQ
Competition Type    PitMasters, Ready Steady Q & Kids Q

Date                                  7th & 8th July 2012
Host                                 http://www.paddleroundthepier.com/
Location                            Brighton                     
Competition Name         Paddle Around The Pier    
Competition Type    PitMasters, Ready Steady Q & Kids Q

Date                               21st – 23rd July 2012
Host                          www.cartmel-racecourse.co.uk
Location                           Cartmel Racecourse, Lake District
Competition Name         BBQ Race Weekend
Competition Type    PitMasters, Ready Steady Q & Kids Q

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JAN 15 @ 01:40

by MsPablo

Best of luck!  Keep us updated!

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