JAN 17 @ 18:19

by RebeccaBourhill

I have a facebook page called Bully be ware to try and prevent bullying! If you have a child or you are still in school and you getting bullied then join this page on facebook!

I am quite nervous for tomorrow as it is the first day of school for the year! I have a whole list of things going on in my head on of which makes me upset, What am I going to do as soon as I get to school?? It is a question that I have had to think about for a while!

I have a stratagy though: take obsicals as they come, don't let the obsticals come in your way!

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JAN 18 @ 01:24

by MsPablo

Best wishes Rebecca.  You'll do fine.

JAN 18 @ 17:42

by RebeccaBourhill

The first day went very well! The class could be better though, but then that is not up to me and you can't always be happy!!

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