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Awesome Dragonfruit

JAN 18 @ 00:34

by JulieR4u2

Has anyone tried these? On holiday in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, recently, and had a lunch at the Daintree Tea House, our dessert was a tropical fruit salad. The dragonfruit was the star of the how. It's vibrant red lifted it visually. There are three varieties, difference being colour, The Red, The white and a Yellow which has a distinct passionfruit flavour. They look great with kiwifruit, and have very similar texture and appearance. Use a mellon baller to scoop them out. They are available in the Supermarkets in Australia right now, and are worth trying. The are low in Calories and have enzymes in them beneficial for Heart Health.

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JAN 18 @ 02:02

by Luvmegrub

Hi Julie, is that the one that has a foul smell?  I've heard about a fruit that stinks but is really good to eat.

Looks pretty!

JAN 18 @ 05:46

by JulieR4u2

No, you are thinking of the Jackfruit. That is a massive spikey looking thing. Dragonfruit are beautiful and sweet, not really much of a smell. The mangosteen is not allowed in hotels because of the  natural dyes in the fruit stain pretty much everything.
I am thinkng of growing some Dragonfruit. There is a farm at Nanango that sell pieces of the cactus vine.
They are permanently now in our Fruit Salads as a welcome change from the normal fruit.

JAN 18 @ 12:04

by Birdymum

I love those, just slice and eat when ever you can. Sweet, light and refreshing.thumbsup

JAN 21 @ 13:13

by @nGoose1

They look good, I had one a long time ago, so long I forget what it tasted like.
Waitrose has some quality tropical fruit, including Dragon fruit.

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