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FEB 01 @ 07:41

by WheelieFoodChik

Hey, Y'all---
I'm  halfway through the new semester and I have two cooking projects under my belt. When my sister was here back in January, I made the brownies again...twice. I omitted the fruit from the brownies since dried fruit was hard to get and the oranges always go bad before I can use them, I subbed Almonds for pecans, kept the ginger, used Baker's Chocolate. They came out great and delicious with Dulce de Leche ice cream! The second time, I made them with Nestle's morsels(call myself saving time since my sister's second visit was only 2hrs) and the brownies were very "flat"...no depth of chocolately-ness at all. The other recipe was the chicken fajitas and this was later in the month. Not much went wrong here aide from cutting the vegetables too small...I blame the julienne blade on my V-slicer. I should have cut the onion and pepper lengthwise then used the straight blade on a thicker setting. My next mistake was letting the chicken marinate in that lime juice a little too long..acid does "cook" stuff. Third mistake was using light plain yogurt in place of sour cream...yuck! Fourth mistake was filling the tortilla too full. It was much better the next day when you dial back on the filling. I did use store-bought guacamole and salsa but the whole wheat tortilla and brown rice I had with it balanced it out.

In school news, I'm doing pretty good..only one C so far (I'm tempted to ask to revise, though). I don't know what this professor's deal is. Now, I have the opposite problem for the one I had the last two quarters: Instead of ignoring my accommodation...she's too lenient with it! My extended time is supposed only for homework assignments...NOT discussion posts. I'm torn because I was so close to a 4.0 GPA before class started yet my darker side says: If she can't bother to adhere to policy, who am I to correct her? She is like the "anything" teachers I had in grade school where they were more concerned with shuffling me out the door than having me learn anything. Thus far, I always get 100's on my discussion posts even when they are late...not supposed to happen. On assignments, the lowest grades were 85 and 70(a B and C) while the rest were 100's. This lapse in discipline has made me very lazy. She claims we can ask her questions but her attitude says we shouldn't. She isn't bad enough to drop and besides I'm tired of being academically stagnant.

Speaking of stagnant, I'm starting the plants over again...if my units even still work. They been running dry for awhile A BIG  NO-NO. The 7's still need cleaning for I try and restart them. Also, I did some reading on some of my crops. No Safflower indoors...too tall. I'm gonna try one pepper and one tomato in the Aero 7 Silver(put spacers in the other holes). My usual greens in the white unit, herbs together, strawberries together, and only one kind of cabbage. Oh, before I forget Aerogarden has gift cards and a discount club now...I may not even try it.

Health-wise, I'm hooked worse than ever on soda. I was trying to get back to water but I'm so bored. I am not even making any real effort to eat healthy or exercise... double "what the flip is wrong with you?!!" head smacks, I know, I know. I got punished for it already...my reflux flared up and I vomited for first time in years (That'll teach me to eat 2 bags of Snickers Minis in 4 days). As far as health projects go, the scale is on hold for now but I'm looking into getting a juicer. I really have to kick the soda crap but water is SO boring. If I juiced fruit and vegetables, there will be no salt to blow me up, no artificial coloring to do who knows what, and in the right combos, I'll take in fruits and vegetables that I would be too picky to eat. I will also invest in a heart rate monitor watch and  I will move the Wii back into my room later.

I'll update when there is more to tell.

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FEB 03 @ 14:14

by MsPablo

Candice, what did you make?  The photo montages come out a bit small on this laptop computer.

FEB 12 @ 14:54

by WheelieFoodChik

@MsPablo: The projects were brownies (left) and chicken fajitas (right).

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