Jamie Oliver


FEB 11 @ 21:14

by falconcy

This is Sausage, he was one of a litter of 4 who were dumped around 7 weeks ago on a newspaper one cold winter's night. Two puppies died the same night. Our friend Lesley found them and took them in. Two puppies died the first night. Two weeks on we took over the fostering of the remaining two, Sausage and Pickle. This meant bottle feeding every 2-4 hours. Pickle survived a further two weeks. The vet was amazed we'd kept him going for as long as we had. Pickle was blind from birth and his internal organs were struggling to keep going. He's in a better place now.

Sausage is a lovely little dog, so cute and the kind of puppy that every kid should grow up with. He's off the milk and on proper puppy food now. So tomorrow we're off to see him at our friend Lesley's place. I can't wait.

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