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Roasted Tomatoes

FEB 13 @ 09:17

by falconcy

A big bag of tomatoes costing a Euro came down to this lot. They were roasted low and slow, around 90C for 8 hours with a drizzle of Olive Oil (the good stuff) and Sea Salt sprinkled liberally on top. This process really intensifies the flavour of the tomato and likely works out cheaper than buying canned tomatoes, even taking into account the extortionate price of electrickery here. Add to that the depth of flavour as opposed to the watery stuff in a tin. It really is worth the effort taken to do this. It is hardly labour intensive as you could prep it in a matter of minutes and leave it to cook all night in the oven.

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FEB 13 @ 12:15

by mummza

I do this as well , but I think I might cook them a little longer than you have as I like them best what the edges draken andthey are a little bit drier than thse you have pictured.
I find the extra few minutes that caramalises the edges more intensifies the depth of flavour .

I dont add too much salt on them before they cook , and I often sprinkle them wth thyme leaves before they go in the oven.

I often sprinkle just a little olive oil on them as they are warm straight from the oven as I mostly use the tomatoes on salads or in pasta sauce.

They are lovely to eat arnt they.

FEB 13 @ 14:38

by falconcy

...absolutely mummza. We made a trial batch of soup for lunch today, totally delicious. I was hearing mmmmmm! multiple times as it was being consumed. We're both looking forward to the main event tomorrow. DS will also be eating with us too. We didn't have a heart to send him off to get a kebab.

The duck breasts are defrosted ready and the skin is lovely and fatty - they should cook really well. The carrots and potatoes are already cut up in heart shapes and in water ready to cook. I got some dark chocolate ice cream to go with the chocolate fondant.

It'll all be taken at a steady pace to allow, cooking each course in turn so as to allow my sweetie to be able to manage to eat and enjoy the whole thing without her feeling too stuffed.

I always cook something special for her and have done so every year since we've been together. Each time I try to do better than the previous year.

FEB 14 @ 12:41

by MsPablo

Oven roasting to concentrate the flavor works very well with canned tomatoes too.

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