Jamie Oliver

Candied Orange Peel

FEB 13 @ 09:27

by falconcy

As I couldn't find any pre-prepared Candied Orange Peel, I looked into making my own. It actually turned out quite simple. Slice the peel, boil in water on a medium heat for 15 mins, drain, make a syrup with 1 cup sugar:2 cups water and again on a medium heat add the peel, leave it for 45 mins and then drain well - make sure they are fairly dry so as not to end up with clumps of sugar coating them. Toss in sugar and leave to dry for 24-48 hrs.

The syrup you drain off can be used to make some iced tea or added to green tea as an intense orange flavour

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FEB 13 @ 10:13

by Grandmadamada

thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup bravooooo

FEB 13 @ 14:45

by mummza

falconey , when I candie the oange peel I la it on  a wire cake rack to dry it out a bit as it crisps up a bit better on the outside and the outer sugar coating dries evenly.

FEB 15 @ 07:50

by falconcy

Good tip Mummza, thanks. This is something I had never done before and I was surprised just how easy it was. I think in future attempts I would cut it a little thicker as it was a bit too thin this time around. I'm happy with the results though and it's good for a first attempt.

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