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Chocolate Fondant

FEB 14 @ 20:20

by falconcy

...the presentation was not exactly what I had in mind. By this time I was pretty exhausted after working a full day with flu and cooking a special dinner afterwards. It all tasted good though the presentation wasn't 100%. I do know though that it was appreciated. My better half is crashed out on the sofa as she too had a heavy day walking dogs at the local sanctuary.

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FEB 15 @ 01:35

by MsPablo


FEB 15 @ 07:56

by falconcy

I made one extra for testing. It was delicious, though really underdone, even using Gordon Ramsay's supposedly perfect recipe - way too gooey. He says to cook for 12 mins at 160C - even at 15 mins the trial one was underdone. I took them out at around 22 mins and they were a tad over as there was not enough "gooeyness" inside.I'm putting it down to differences in the oven and the size of the ramekins. This was my first attempt at a fondant so I'm not too disappointed.

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