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Home made faggots

FEB 14 @ 21:30

by easyteas

Faggots and peas were always a favourite of my dad's for a Saturday lunch but I always thought they were pretty grim.

On a whim about a year ago I tried some from the butchers at the local market - they're amazing! This weekend they didn't have any with them, so he offered me his recipe instead. Pretty good deal, I thought.

So here they are - a delicious cross between meatballs and pate.

The meat mix is pork and some lovely Welsh lambs' hearts and lambs' liver. It's simply mixed with fresh onion and the butcher's secret ingredient - Paxo sage and onion which binds the mix and adds flavour. The mix makes about 18 lime-sized faggots - they freeze very well.

In a food processor start by blitzing a medium onion. Next add the liver (c300g) and four hearts (c 400g). Give this a good mix before adding 500g of pork - a cheap cut is fine. I added the pork last as I didn't want this to be over processed. Half a packet of Paxo binds the mixture together - the consistency is like thick porridge. Season well with salt and particularly pepper. Pull out a small bit and fry it quickly so you can taste and check the seasoning.

At this point, it looks pretty minging.

Form this into balls with well-floured hands. I then rolled them in a plate of flour just to stop them sticking together too much as they froze - it also helps to seal them when frying.

I froze them in batches of six, based on a serving of three per person.

To cook, fry in a hot pan with a little oil - this will firm them up. Once browned, transfer to an oven dish for about 20 minutes at 180 degC. Check with a skewer to makes sure they're done through.

Great with peas, mash and onion gravy.

It's a bit of effort, but I made the whole batch in less than an hour on the weekend and they're ready in half an hour then for a mid week tea. There's no fat in them and offal is really good for you - I'd never have thought to make my own, but they were fantastic.

I'll be saying a big thank you to the fine chaps at the butchers (Cig Lodor at Roath Real Food Market, Cardiff) on Saturday.

First posted on my blog www.easyteas.co.uk

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FEB 16 @ 01:15

by minerva

You don't wrap them in caul-fat from the butcher's then?
I do & they taste lovely.
Glad you are keeping the tradition alive.

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