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Braided Lemon Bread

FEB 28 @ 14:29

by Despina33

My goodness this tastes so good.  Inside there is a layer of cream cheese filling and topped by lemon curd.  YUM

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FEB 28 @ 14:36

by Grandmadamada

mmmmmmmmmmmmm thumbsupthumbsup Despinabig_smilewavewave

FEB 28 @ 17:29

by MsPablo

Oooh, that must have been delicious!  Very pretty too!

FEB 28 @ 17:33

by Kye

Ho-hum recipe pleasebig_smilewave

Its Lovelythumbsup

FEB 28 @ 19:15

by runneralps

it looks delicious....is it like tsoureki?

FEB 28 @ 21:07

by Despina33

It has a nice texture like Tsoureki but without all the mahlepi smell/Taste.  I will put up the recipe in food wise and you guys could make it!

FEB 28 @ 21:15

by Despina33

wow that looks like it should have come from a high end bakery...   I will  have to try my hand at making that .thumbsup

MAR 02 @ 10:39

by Madalina_B

awww, looks so beautiful and delicious! smilewave

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