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The Ledbury

FEB 29 @ 00:10

by @nGoose1

Good, but not amazing.
Native Lobster with Broccoli Stem, Natural Yoghurt
And Indian Spices in Brown Butter
When I first reviewed this I was all hyped up.
I think bloggers (especially me) and critics should have two meals at the place they review, or wait a few months before writing the review. I read of such actions, by Marco Pierre White.

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FEB 29 @ 10:03

by runneralps

very interesting....what is brown butter?

MAR 02 @ 23:14

by @nGoose1

Beurre noisette, butter thats browned in a pan. Not hard to achieve, Skate wings love ' Beurre noisette' as does many white fish .

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