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Baking bread with Roquefort cheese

MAR 11 @ 11:29

by christian_halfm

Again I did some bread baking. I don't know whether it is addictive, but I love to do it every week at the moment. This time I added some Roquefort cheese. It is very nice, since I love cheese anyway. While the bread was still in the oven, the smell of the cheese was spreading in the kitchen. I loved it, others though suggested it smells like old goat.

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MAR 11 @ 14:37

by Grandmadamada


MAR 11 @ 16:46

by christian_halfm

Thank you!

MAR 11 @ 17:28

by MsPablo

That's quite a nice looking crust . . . interesting idea to add blue cheese.

MAR 12 @ 13:29

by Madalina_B

The crust looks so crunchy and the flavors sounds yummy! thumbsup smilewave

MAR 13 @ 18:58

by christian_halfm

Thank you! Well, It's all gone again. This is the only problem with the bread - it always goes away so quickly.

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