Jamie Oliver

Gingery Pork San Choy Bao

MAR 15 @ 08:02

by frizz1974

Tonight tea!


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MAR 15 @ 20:18

by MsPablo

I want some!

MAR 15 @ 20:55

by frizz1974

I took that pic with my new iPhone & I posted it to another food forum via photobacket & its crystal clear.. yet here on the blogs its a bit foggy.

MsP - it was really good.

MAR 16 @ 06:14

by Ashen

how you put the recipe for this up anywhere frizz??   I think my wife would like the whole lettuce cup wrap aspect .

MAR 16 @ 20:26

by MsPablo

Frizz, could it be that the system sized it and there was a glitch?  You could try reposting it, if you want.  I'd even re-write my comment if you did.  I hated losing comments once when I had to repost an image, so I copied and pasted them back in.  I know, I care too much about silly things like that.

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