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Rhubarb in the garden

MAR 17 @ 18:04

by christian_halfm

Somewhere I read something about rhubarb and that it would be the time for it to start it. Then I read something here on the forum as well and things got serious. I mentioned it to a friend and he said his mother could give me something to plant in my garden.
Finally today things worked out. I got and put it into my small piece of garden. I hope everything will worked out. Someone nice from France I know said, it needs patience. Well, I will see then whether I'm up for it.

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MAR 17 @ 18:23

by Grandmadamada

good luck with your rabarbaro, I have 6 plants, some old given by my neighbor, a few from last year, bought in pots from a nursery, I have added lots of compost around them and watered them properly during summer, they are doing very well, I hope they will give us lots of stems this year too.
Happy strawberry-rhubarb crostata baking big_smilewave

MAR 17 @ 18:24

by christian_halfm

Thanks! I will need the recipe then.

MAR 17 @ 18:35

by Kye

Someone from France says thanks for the photothumbsup

When the plant expands too much it can be divided during the winter months...for the moment, dont forget to cut the stalks that give flowers when they arrive as they tire the rest of the plant.

Apple and Rhubarbe pie is my favorite lolbig_smilewave

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