Jamie Oliver

Hazelnut & apricot bread.

MAR 18 @ 10:16

by christian_halfm

Another week another bread. Somehow I can't stop it. I have to bake bread every Sunday. This time I used chopped up hazelnuts and small pieces of dried apricots. It tastes nice with butter and jam or just with butter or just the way it is.

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MAR 18 @ 14:15

by Grandmadamada

big_smile mmmmmthumbsupwave

MAR 19 @ 14:07

by Aimeedis

Looks yummy, i'll try that. What kind of flower did you use?

MAR 19 @ 16:17

by christian_halfm

I used 225 g of wheat flour (here it is Type 550) and 225 g of spelt flour (Type 812).

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