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These made me smile...

MAR 22 @ 13:48

by MsK

I never buy flowers for myself...dont know why, never thought of it...today i decided i should...
As these arrived this morning at my doorstep...send by one of my suppliers...
I was in a ski accident 2 wks ago (great adventure as they scooped me of the mountain with a helicopter and a rope...) and am at home since than..
Not allowed to move the leg untill MRI-scan tells us what is wrong with it...which is in another week..
So i am at home...bored to death...as not able to work from home as most of my lovely fabrics, files and pantone colors i find in the office...
And than these arrived...colorful and so lovely that they made me cry...
So I decided to bring more color into my house when i am able to walk again....
Forgot i do love flowers...how could i...big_smile

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MAR 22 @ 14:25

by Kye

Very pretty, and how thoughtful.big_smilewave

MAR 22 @ 14:28

by MsK

I love the vibrant colors...and this is also why i love my job...i work with nice people!!

MAR 23 @ 12:06

by Madalina_B

beautiful colors!smilewave

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