Jamie Oliver

Sweets for my sweet...

MAR 22 @ 14:01

by MsK

In holland we have a proverb: the love of a man goes through its stomach...
Which means something like...if you cook a nice meal for a man he will love you for sure..

I usualy make cake... yikesops:

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MAR 22 @ 14:27

by Kye

With Champagne biscuits all aroundbig_smilewave

MAR 22 @ 14:29

by MsK

We call them ''ladyfingers'' smile
my favourite every day cookie since i can remember...wave

MAR 22 @ 17:06

by Grandmadamada

we call them savoiardi ... your cake looks prestigioso, it must be for a very sweet lovesmilethumbsupthumbsup

MAR 22 @ 19:21

by MsK

I am learning so much from you today mada! This is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and raspberries...
I think this man is the one for me..hè also loves cooking and cocktails..
Another Dutch proverb: think he is à lotery ticket..

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