Jamie Oliver

Eating with friends....

MAR 23 @ 08:42

by MsK

If you share food it tastes better my grandma always said...Which i think is very true..
Think she also thought me how to cook for loads of people...xmas was always very crowded when i was little...and there where always people staying for dinner...
I love to cook for big groups...i love to see smiley faces around the table...i love that they tease me with wanting to get everything perfect...i love decorating tables as well...but most of all i love it when everyone sits around the table chatting and laughing...
As my home is very small i always cook somewhere else when we do the dinners for friends.. so i promiss to cook as long its not in my home...which is a great deal...
Hope the table you see on the picture will be filled with smiley faces tonight... big_smile

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MAR 23 @ 12:03

by Madalina_B

awww! so beautiful! thumbsup smilewave

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