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MAR 27 @ 12:34

by MsK

My first time making macarons...and i should have followed the recipe (did not ' age' my eggs...) as they look so cute before going into the oven, but when they came out they where still soft and not so macaron-like as i hoped they would be...filled them with raspberry purree...but didnt came out as they should have...
Next try...

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MAR 27 @ 13:48

by MsPablo

I've heard you should only make them on very dry days.  Might be difficult in Holland!

MAR 27 @ 14:15

by MsK

Good tip! big_smile
I think it was because of the eggs...the recipe adviced to ''age'' them by putting them out of the fridge 24 hours before you start...which i forgot to do...and than thought...well how important could that be...

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