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2 family favourite bakes

MAR 29 @ 04:28

by Birdymum

Spinach/sheep's feta cheese pie, low lactose and gluten free
Corn/chive/3 sheep's cheese bake, low lactose
Both tasty and easy to make

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MAR 29 @ 13:55

by MsPablo

What goes into a bake Birdymum?  It looks delicious.

MAR 30 @ 12:42

by Birdymum

Mrs P,
The bake serves at least 8-10 and contains
the corn cut from  3 cobs
1 large bunch of chives finely sliced
1/2 pack sheep's milk feta (250g)
1 block manchego sheep/goat's milk cheddar cheese (125g)
cut the cheeses into smallish blocks about the size of 1/2 centimeter
grated pecorino sheep's milk cheese for topping quantity to taste
breadcrumbs optional for topping

Set the above aside and Make a batter
3 cups flour
6 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 a tub tofutti cream cheese substitute (approx 125g)
4 large free range eggs
salt, pepper, any other spices you want but not too much as you want the sweetness of the corn to come through.
A little sweetener if the corn isn't sweet enough, but I have never needed it.
Nearly forgot, enough lactose free milk to make the batter thick but movable. About a cup should do it.

Mix the batter till it just comes together there shouldn't be any lumps, then stir in the corn, chives and cheeses that have been set aside. Mix only until all has been coated with batter. Overmixing will not let the loaf rise in the oven.
Pour into a large loaf tin, baking dish etc, it will rise so leave room at the top.
Top with grated pecorino and breadcrumbs.
Bake about 45 minutes 180-190C then test with skewer
Serve with plain greek yogurt.

We like to eat both the corn bake and spinach loaf at the same time as a totally vegetarian meal.

MAR 30 @ 13:09

by MsPablo

It's similar to something I thought I'd made up, mine would usually have some cornmeal as well.

MAR 30 @ 17:30

by ANN

Very nice recipes!  Thanks!!

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