Jamie Oliver

Another bread

APR 08 @ 16:49

by christian_halfm

Here comes another bread: with red wine and walnuts. Inside it looks a bit pink, kind of.
From my opinion the crust looks best from what I tried so far.
Maybe this would be something for Food Revolution Day: baking your own bread.

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APR 08 @ 21:56

by @nGoose1

Looks good, I baked a Rosemary Soda bread today, I like to put things in the oven while I am doing a roast dinner. I dare say Walnuts are cheaper or Free in Germany, they can be expensive in the U.K. I like the idea of red wine and walnuts though. I must try this combo.

APR 09 @ 02:06

by MsPablo

The crust looks wonderful.  One of my most favorite homemade breads to make in the past was walnut bread with browned onions, it also contained walnut oil which gave it a great, light texture.

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