Jamie Oliver

Romanian Curry Night

APR 08 @ 22:28

by mr spice

My colleague Andy and myself recently prepared a couple of curries for eight colleagues in Craiova, Romania.
The photo shows the entire space we had to work in...feedback was fantastic.
We are converting Romania to curry one Poppadum at a time...lolthumbsup

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APR 09 @ 02:02

by MsPablo


MrS, are you relocating to Romania?  I could see when we were in Bucharest that big changes were on the horizon in that country, but still kind of far off.

APR 09 @ 05:33

by mr spice

Just an assignment for a few months...only a few weeks left now. MrsS came to join me here for Easter to see what all the fuss was about. Two colleagues were tired of hotel life and rented an apartment. We use their kitchen once a week to cook for each other. It's quite a challenge (no space. limited eqipment) but a lot of fun...wave

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