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My Easter doings

APR 09 @ 10:24

by RedfoxEstonia

So, I spent Easter making bags and cake and dying eggs, although I don´t really celebrate it as some christian holiday, more like Springs´ welcoming party. I mean even the symbol of resurrection is originally taken from the change of seasons already celebrated in primitive cultures.

The curd cake is not very rich this time, just curd, eggs, the crust is even made with fat free yoghurt. since I whipped egg whites separately, I used half the sugar required in the original recipe and added egg yolks one at a time after the whites formed stiff peaks. That way I got a really light structure. The downside: the cake takes 1 hour 25 minutes to bake (in a 25 cm, 7 cm high tin).

But when we sat down behind the table at grannys´ place, we couldnt even take one bite, before her phone rang. And then the other phone. She seems like a drug dealer, separate phones for everybody. So we had to wait 23 minutes to finally be able to eat together! god I was hungry - I took a 25 km run before lunch. Grannys´ girlfriends seriously tried my patience.

I had to re-dye the eggs cause tea and chilli flakes left no trace at all. I over-experimented AGAIN! keep it simple. But how can I resist being creative? Ah, lets go with the traditional onion peels and beetroot.

Caaaake....My mom came home from the country and ate half of the remaining pieces, although she initially said she has not sweet tooth. LIAR!  But I am glad she likes SOMETHING I make.

Spring is here, yay!

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APR 09 @ 16:46

by mr spice

Haha...poor you. It sounds like you had quite an ordeal...I haven't even sniffed Easter yet. I spent "Easter" in Romania where the Orthodox celebrations don't start until next weekend by which time I'll be back in Germanywave

APR 10 @ 13:58

by MsPablo

The cake looks great!  Hope you have recovered from the family mania.

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