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My second Wood-fired oven build

APR 09 @ 12:52

by cannyfradock

Built my second Wood-fired oven a while back and here are some pics of the build. The walls were brick exterior with a thermolite block inner wall which supported the re-enforced concrete slab. On top of the slab I laid flat thermolite blocks as my insulation layer, then laid my fire-brick hearth/cooking surface.

The dome was built from (half) fire-bricks then covered with a thermal blanket. On the blanket I laid a layer of vermecrete (vermiculite, cement and water)...finally a couple of coats of waterproof render was laid.

The oven was built for my boss last summer as a trade for fixing my roof (I think he got the better deal). He uses it very often and all his family (wife and 3 kids) all get involved with dough making and preparing their own pizza and bread.

A more detailed account of the build can be followed here..  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC_K2LwF … hIUdqgnsg=


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APR 09 @ 16:54

by mr spice

I admire your brickwork...I've toyed with the idea myself but my wife digs her heels in. She has allowed me to upgrade our grill into a full blown outdoor kitchen so we'll see if this is satisying enough. I'll post some photos when its done...great slideshow and a really nice looking oven. Enjoy!thumbsup

APR 10 @ 14:00

by MsPablo


APR 11 @ 14:31

by Grandmadamada


APR 17 @ 22:43

by cannyfradock

Thank-you for your kind comments and ...the thumbs up. I'm a "catch up" baker...always trying to improve myself with home baking, but, I love building these wood-fired ovens and try to pass on my knowledge and experience on to any enthusiasts who want to build their own Wood-fired oven through my WFO forum.  http://ukwoodfiredovenforum.proboards.com/index.cgi


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