Jamie Oliver

My lucy

APR 13 @ 01:16

by cohphanta

Now that I know how to get pictures on my blog....I figured I'd show off little Ms. Lucy.

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APR 13 @ 01:47

by nanstertoo

She's a keeper, Coco!

APR 13 @ 02:03

by Luvmegrub

She's so sweet Coco.  I should have put my glasses on - thought you had shaved her chest but think she's actually wearing something pink lol

APR 13 @ 07:49

by BritFinn

Oh, Tina and I think she looks beautiful! thumbsup

APR 13 @ 10:00

by ameri2490

awww how cute!

APR 13 @ 16:10

by MsPablo

She's cute!  She looks like she's smiling for the camera or about to say something - bring me a cookie mom!

APR 13 @ 16:11

by DebDiMaggio


APR 14 @ 00:08

by Kye

Beautiful, what is she wearing? big_smilewave

APR 22 @ 23:55

by cohphanta

She's wearing a pink harness. Ms.P...she is always about to day "feed me". You'd think she was a goat. She can eat all day long. She is very happy that we can take walks, short ones, but walks none the less. We've gone out for 2 today.

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