Jamie Oliver

New herb garden and first salads.

APR 14 @ 18:12

by Kye


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APR 14 @ 21:04

by minerva

Well, I don't know about your weather (we have had massive hailstorms here this afternoon & 4.5C temperatures!) but you are way ahead of me in the salad stakes!
The herbs are doing moderately well in my garden, but everything else is getting off to very slow start after the 27C weather we had a couple of weeks ago!

APR 14 @ 22:55

by Kye

We have very sunny warm days, last week-end it rained quite a bit after a very long dry time as we had to water the garden here at home, the salads are now growing tall so we'll have to eat them soon and plant a new lot.

We lost all our herbs during the freezing winter, so have planted new ones directly into the low ground this time to give the beds a change with other vegs.

APR 15 @ 14:27

by Pakman

That's nice! Not sure how much I'll be able to get going this year as the house is still not ready for occupation but hoping to get berry bushes, fruit trees and some non edibles planted this year.

We were there today and the snow is mostly gone and ground frost free at least. Son saw a spider (or something that resembled one and was nervous for some reason. Wife saw a garden snake taking some sun next to tree and freaked out! Hmmm are they ready for home living?

APR 15 @ 18:32

by Kye

You can try installing some pots of herbs in the mean time.

Your wife and son will become used to their 'home living', it just takes time. Tell your son that spiders only live in very clean places, find some cute stories so that he wont be too afraid next time.wave

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