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Fifteen celebrations, Graduates superclub April

APR 17 @ 21:34

by mummza

Desert ...
Dessert was discribed as 'The Lightest Vanilla Pannacotta with Lavender Jelly , Rhubarb Compote and Smashed Honeycomb.

Now... you see those little spots on the plate , they were amazing , real bursts of a wonderful Rhubarb flavour .. just wonderful /

The Vanilla Pannacotta was a dream , a beautiful silkey texture with a deicate vanilla , I wish you had been there to try it .

Everything n the plate went beautifuly together and as many of you know , I am not a ' desert person' but I somehow managed to eat every single little bit of this !
That in itself is testomony as to how good it was.

Dennis was responsible for the desert , he told me that he was not a pastry chef and they had 'picked out of a hat' the part of the meal that they would be working on.

Dennis, that was a lovely desert, thank you.

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APR 17 @ 22:29

by Grandmadamada


APR 18 @ 23:12

by @nGoose1

When they say lightest, they mean it. My lightest Gnocchi at 15 was uber light. That desert looks amazing. I must make some Honeycomb.  Lavender Jelly, yum, so much lavender around, I wonder how easy it is to infuse. I think that’s a stunning desert, cleverly thought out .Cool Post.

APR 19 @ 14:49

by christian_halfm

big_smile Great!

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