Jamie Oliver

fifteen celebrations, graduates superclub april

APR 18 @ 09:03

by mummza

This is just a bit of scene setting for you , this was the wines that were selected to go with the meal.
and a collectiion if beautifully sparkling glasses that are ready to be filled.

Behind the glasses you can see Thasanne Robinson who was one of the second group of trainees to pass through Fifteen , since leaving Fifteen she has been very sucessful and  is now working as General Manager for Theo Randall , Thasanne is a lovely person always smiling .

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APR 18 @ 12:35

by Grandmadamada

bravaaaa mummzexclaim our reporter sul campobig_smile

JUN 20 @ 19:17

by minerva

I approve of the subject matter!

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