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Time is flying away

MAY 12 @ 19:56

by christian_halfm

Time is really flying away. At least this is the case when you are busy. I don't know the meaning of the word "boredom". There is always something going on, always something to do.
I have been busy in the kitchen as wel, trying some new things and experimenting a bit.
I tried a recipe that is called "Dampfnudeln" (steam dumplings) here in Germany. I had it written down in my old notebook, that I used 10-17 years ago. This time I tried to fill the dumplings with chocolate cream, peanut butter, or plum butter. Peanut butter was a bit dry. The only one that ended up good for photograping was the chocolate one, although the plum butter tastes best. That goes somehow close to what they call "Germknödel". Maybe I'm going to try that one again.
Then I did a salas with couscous and aubergine, courgette, onion, bell pepper, and tomatoes. That was a nice one. I'm not sure whether I used couscous before, but at least it has been quite some time.
Another experiment - the final outcome I will taste tomorrow - was a cake with a zwieback bottom and topped with a lime-cheese-cream. The cream already tasted nice. Now I have to think of some kind of decoration. Well, it's not absolutely necessary, but it would do a lot to improve the cake optically. I will see tomorrow about that.
The time for Food Revolution Day is coming closer and the time for my brief trip to London as well. It's only 6 more days and then I will enjoy a few days alone in the city, taking part in some Food Revolution Day events. I'm already, hm, well, ... exited!
The time is flying away!

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