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Food from Vietnamese supper club

MAY 20 @ 22:34

by christian_halfm

I enjoyed a very nice afternoon with some really delicious food. The place where I live in Germany, you cannot get real Vietnamese food, although many people from Vietnam are living around. If they have to do with food, they usually run Chinese restaurants with food that people are expecting in Germany. So I was very much interested in what Vietnamese food tastes like.
Today, first of all there was a soup on the menu with many herby flavours and as you can see on the picture also with some pieces of chillie (I wasn't expecting them to be so hot as they were, but I still managed).
The main part, though, were the summer rolls Uyen showed us how to prepare (you can find the recipe also on her blog). They taste really great and now at home I have to check out for a place where to buy the ingredients.
I also took some stalks of the herbs along. You can put them in water and after some days, they will develop roots and then you can plant them into soil - I will see how this works.
So much for now, just a brief summary ... and I have also more pictures.

P.S.: I can only write this now, because Danny took some time so I could change my password, because I had forgotten it. Things like this happen, when you always let the computer remember your password. Then you don't have to type it in anymore, and when you use a different computer ... here you go.

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MAY 22 @ 18:16

by MsPablo

That looks great Christian!  Thanks for sharing the photos.

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