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MAY 21 @ 16:01

by falconcy

I've recently planted Thyme, Sage, Basil and Rosemary. The Rosemary is hidden behind the Basil. All are growing really well. I also planted some chillis, though they are only just starting to peek though, it'll be interesting to grow our own as we do enjoy a bit of heat in our food.

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MAY 23 @ 21:44

by MsPablo

They look like they might outgrow that pot soon - very nice!

MAY 26 @ 12:24

by falconcy

Previous attempts seem to have not been that successful, I think it was down to the location. This gets direct sunlight early morning and shade for the rest of the day. It's hooked up to the irrigation system and gets watered twice a day.

MAY 27 @ 21:25

by @nGoose1

Good luck, they look good, a possible repot, Mspablo right as always.

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