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Food Revolution Day - stand up for real food!

MAY 23 @ 13:04

by Danny

Hi everyone.

When I found out that Jamie had taken the Food Revolution campaign global I got quite excited indeed as this was an opportunity to get involved and cook for as many people as I could on Food Rev Day. The idea of Food Rev Day was for everyone around the world no matter where you are to engage in a food activity - anything from taking a tour of a food market to cooking for a group of friends. I decided to run three Supper Clubs with some very special people who are all in their own ways standing up for real food. On Friday night Maunika Gowardhan http://cookinacurry.co.uk/ prepared the most wonderful Indian Street Food Supper Club. I have never eaten Indian food that is so good with most of the recipes being passed on from her family from generation to generation. One diner on the night said that it was some of the best food that she had eaten and that she was very privileged to be in that room. Big love to Luke Robinson (Fifteen grad from 2005) who worked tirelessly cooking with Maunika for the event,

On the Saturday Ed Smith http://www.rocketandsquash.com/ prepared an English Pop Up Pub lunch cooking Jamie's recipes with Ed's special twists. Ed is studying to be a Chef at Westminster College where Jamie studied and on the day his three classmates assisted him. Really wholesome and well thought out menu and I must say that the students were so great to work with and really calm under pressure. Food was delicious especially the roast pork.

On the Sunday Uyen http://www.leluu.com/ whipped up some Vietnamese delights including a delicious beef pho soup and some of the best summer rolls that I have ever tasted. I could not believe hos tasty the soup was given that it was cooked on the day ( I always thought that Asian soups were better prepared the day before). Uyen also gave everyone a lesson in how to make the perfect summer rolls which was a real added treat.

Thank you so much to our 3 special Food Rev guests - we fed over 110 people over the three days and we raised close to £1,800. I learned so much cooking with you all and I have a huge amount of respect for your passion for good food. We also appreciated the support of the following companies who supported us with donations - we so appreciate this:

Moens for the great meat at Ed's event

Eurofrutta for the lovely herb and veg

Andreas Veg
for the lovely herb and veg as well

The incredible Luca Dusi from Passione Vino for supplying all of the wine and also conducting wine tastings for us:

Donald Russell for the lovely meet at Uyen's event

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MAY 23 @ 18:06

by mummza

I am now looking forward to next years food revolution day .... now.... when does the planning start for next year lol

It was a good weekend , my daughter went to Borough Market to see the chefs and trainees from Fifteen cooking pizza's .
I went to Jamies Italian in Cardiff to see the way the staff chatted to passers by and got as many as they could involved in making a huge collage from Pasta of a Welsh Dragon.
I was also at the final supperclub , the vietnamese one tha was run by Uyen , I was privalidged to be there and learned quite a lot most excited about the  Vietnamese herbs and  Vietnamese summer rolls summer rolls big_smile On Monday I went to the Global food shop abd bought what I needed to try making the Vietnamese Summer Rolls myself and taught 2 young children how to make them ( slightly different ingredients designed to suit what they eat buut using the same principle.
The children in turn then taught their parents how to make them and so the learning goes on...
Thank you

MAY 23 @ 20:37

by christian_halfm

It was a great weekend. I'm happy I was able to join some of the lovely events. I will definitely try some pho and summer rolls at home now. The Vietnamese supper club really made me want some more of that. It was also very nice to meet some person, I only know from the internet, in person. smile
The event at Borough market was also very nice. thumbsup
I just read that next year there will be a Food Revolution Day again. Great! Will see what happens until then.

MAY 23 @ 22:37

by mummza

It was good to meet you also Christian , I am being a bit cheeky by saying I am looking forward to next years food revolution day , I just presume that it will be happening each year lolas you have now seen, I am a bit of a cheeky person lol

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